The Ultimate Premium Quality Rake!

The Shovel Rake

With the fully welded back and sides attached, raking and pick up is made easy with no spilling.

  • 390mm wide using 19x19mm 1.6mm thick RHS steel
  • 20 spring steel tines with standard tine length 280mm
  • 75mm sides and back
  • Available in all 6 colours

Colour Range

Our rakes are all powder coated on site in a choice of six high quality DULUX colours.

Blaze Blue (BB)

Flame Red (FR)

Black  Gloss (BG)

Dark Violet (DV)

Tickle Pink (TP)

Mambo Green (MG)

Trent Williamson

Chief Strategy Officer, Bainbridge Pty Ltd

We have not come across a manufacturer of a metal stable fork that delivers such high levels of quality with the consistency our retailer partners require. Bainbridge is very happy to work in partnership with Millenia Rakes to deliver their range of superior quality stable forks to Australian communities across the country.

Joanne Saal

Farmer and avid Gardener 
Brookstead, Darling Downs, Qld.

Millenia Rakes are great, not just for hay but for a multitude of things. We have successfully used them to sieve out larger stones, level dirt and rake gravel – probably things they weren’t originally designed to do. They are strong and durable. We highly recommend Millenia Rakes.