The Ultimate Premium Quality Rake!

The Millenia Multi Rake

Ideal for landscapers, the Multi Rakes’ unique computer aided design results in a rake that is smaller and lighter but with a 40% increased capacity.
The curves keep the material on the rake whilst reduced entry width means it is easier to load. Shorter, more rigid tines allow the multi-rake to pick up heavier and denser materials such as gravel, mulches and soil blends. Used in place of a traditional shovel, the multi-rake is an efficient means of handling almost any material found in the garden or yard.

Colour Range

Our rakes are all powder coated on site in a choice of six high quality DULUX colours.

Blaze Blue (BB)

Flame Red (FR)

Black  Gloss (BG)

Dark Violet (DV)

Tickle Pink (TP)

Mambo Green (MG)