The Ultimate Premium Quality Rake!

The Classic Standard Stable Fork

The most popular rake in the Millenia Rakes range.
390mm wide using 19x19mm 1.6mm thick RHS steel
20 spring steel tines with standard tine length 280mm
Available in all 6 colours

Colour Range

Our rakes are all powder coated on site in a choice of six high quality DULUX colours.

Blaze Blue (BB)

Flame Red (FR)

Black  Gloss (BG)

Dark Violet (DV)

Tickle Pink (TP)

Mambo Green (MG)

Madison Layfield

Sponsored Rider, Yarra Glen, Victoria.

“The absolute best feature in my experience with Millenia Rakes (besides the recent release of the new colour range) is the durability. The high quality materials, and careful attention to detail is what really sets these rakes apart from the rest. My rakes have lived a very tough life (mucking out 40+ stables twice daily, plus paddock pick up and odd jobs) and I have yet to replace one in the 5 years I have been using them. In my time as a stable hand, for various equestrian centres since 2012, I have used other brands and every time it would take me twice as long to muck out and I would still end up with a messy stable. Friends and agistees, who have never touched a Millenia Rake in their life, were asking to borrow my rakes after experiencing the ease of use and quality results.

If you don’t have a Millenia Rake Stable Fork you are doing yourself, your stables and your paddocks a disservice”.