The Ultimate Premium Quality Rake!


Millenia Rakes have a multitude of uses. Here’s just a few! if you have some photos of your Millenia Rake in action we would love to see them. We might even include them in our gallery! Just email us at

Our rakes are all powder coated on site in a choice of six high quality DULUX colours.

Kym Perkins

The odd job Queen and industrious hobby farmer, Kleinton, Darling Downs, Qld.

Millenia Rakes! The mother of all rakes. Truly the toughest and most reliable rake I’ve ever worked with. On our hobby farm the ‘Millenia’ is put to use moving gravel, shovelling manure, raking hay, cleaning the poultry pens, collecting mulch and its even been proven to be a reliable tool for removing the cobwebs in the shed. Brilliant piece of handmade / manufactured machinery. Easy to order, well priced and with a huge choice of colours. Kudos to the owners / manufacturers: a terrific product made only with Australian goods and masterfully handcrafted at their Sunshine Coast shed.

Need a great rake? Buy a Millenia rake!