The Ultimate Premium Quality Rake!

Welcome to Millenia Rakes

At Millenia Rakes we specialise in making the ultimate premium quality rake. For over twenty years we have been producing these reliable rakes that are durable and sturdy.  All of our rakes are designed and made on the Darling Downs in Australia, from Australian sourced steel and wood.

Madison Layfield

Sponsored Rider, Yarra Glen, Victoria.

“If you don’t have a Millenia Rake Stable Fork you are doing yourself, your stables and your paddocks a disservice.”

Colour Range

Our rakes are all powder coated on site in a choice of six high quality DULUX colours.

Blaze Blue (BB)

Flame Red (FR)

Black  Gloss (BG)

Dark Violet (DV)

Tickle Pink (TP)

Mambo Green (MG)


Chief Strategy Officer, Bainbridge Pty Ltd

We have not come across a manufacturer of a metal stable fork that delivers such high levels of quality with the consistency our retailer partners require. Bainbridge is very happy to work in partnership with Millenia Rakes to deliver their range of superior quality stable forks to Australian communities across the country.